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Personal safety products

Personal safety products

We can provide a variety of equipment and products that will help to enhance your safety at home.

Fall Detector

The fall detector offers reliability and peace of mind for anyone concerned about summoning help when suffering a fall. The detector can be worn on a belt or in a discreet pouch around the waist and will automatically raise an alert via the alarm unit should you fall.

Smoke Detector

On detection of smoke, the wireless optical smoke detector will raise two alarms. Firstly a local audible alarm and secondly a vital signal will be automatically sent to the alarm unit. This in turn will immediately raise a call to our call centre and an experienced operator will alert the emergency services.

Because the process is automatic and immediate, the risks to life and property are reduced.

Bogus Caller Button

If you are worried about strangers visiting your home, a discreet bogus caller button can be fitted near your door allowing you to access help and support at the touch of a button via our call centre should you have concerns about people requesting entry into your home.

Key Safes

A key safe is a small, strong, metal box that securely stores the key to your door. It is installed on the wall outside your property and your keys are accessed by a combination code. This code is easy to set and can be changed when appropriate to maintain security. Key safes are a great idea for anyone who needs immediate access to a property. It can provide access for family, carers, health professionals, the Supported Living team here at Wulvern and most importantly the emergency services should you need medical assistance - preventing the need to break in which can cause damage to your property.

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