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Gas servicing & maintenance

Gas servicing & maintenance

Wulvern work in partnership with The Sure Group, a specialist gas maintenance and repairs company who work with many Housing Associations across the country.

Customers with a mains gas supply or LPG will have their gas repairs, servicing and maintenance carried out by The Sure Group.

Visit the Sure Group website

Your free yearly gas check

Each year we will visit your home to service the gas appliances and make sure that they are safe. By keeping them in good order, we can help to save you money on your fuel. We will also test CO2 and smoke alarms if fitted.

Why do we check your gas?

It is your housing provider’s legal duty to make sure you’re safe. Gas can be dangerous. Every year around 30 people in the UK die from breathing carbon monoxide fumes from faulty gas appliances. Many more end up in hospital. We don’t want this to happen to you.

Did you know?

It is a legal requirement that you provide us with access to your home under the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement.

Who will call?

We will send a qualified engineer to your home. The engineer will carry ID. Make sure that you ask to see ID before you let them in.

You will receive a letter suggesting a time and date for the engineer to call. If this isn’t convenient, or you need someone to translate for you, call the phone number on the letter. Please make sure you are in for the check. If you are out, the engineer will leave a card. Call the number on the card as soon as you can to arrange a new appointment.

What happens in a safety check?

The engineer will inspect the gas appliances and test CO2 and smoke alarms in your home. Any necessary work will be scheduled in at a time convenient to you. When they are finished, they will ask you to sign a certificate. This is to confirm that the check has taken place. We will send you a copy of the certificate. Please keep it somewhere safe.

Let us in!

It’s hard to believe, a very small number of people don’t want us to carry out a gas safety check. It’s our legal duty to check your gas. If you do not let us into your home, we have no option but to take legal action as a last resort.

Your safety is our priority. Thank you for your support and co-operation.

If you smell gas contact National Grid Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 999.


If you have any concerns or complaints regarding Wulvern's Gas Servicing, please call 01270 506200 and these will be dealt with in line with Wulvern's complaints procedure.