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Mutual exchanges

You can swap your home with someone else who lives in social housing. It’s called a mutual exchange.

How do I swap homes?

Once you have found someone to exchange homes with on www.swapandmove.co.uk the next step is to fill in a mutual exchange application form at the bottom of this page

Next steps

  1. Complete this application form and send it to us. 
  2. We will make an appointment to come and inspect your property.The house should be in good condition for the next tenants, so you’ll have to repair any damage beforehand.We will ask for references to check that there have been no breaches of tenancy.
  3. All applicants including Wulvern tenants must produce proof of their identity and citizenship (including UK citizens).
  4. Arrangements will then be made between all parties to sign the new paperwork.

We will then let you know if you can swap within six weeks of receiving your application form.

When we’ve given permission for the exchange to go ahead, we’ll contact you to arrange a date to exchange. Please don’t move before the paperwork has been signed on the day of the exchange, as you may lose your home.


Am I eligible to swap?

To swap your home you must:

Contact us if you need a full set of terms and conditions.


What happens to my tenancy if I exchange?

You will be taking over the tenancy of the person you are swapping with. So it’s important to find out about their tenancy first.

Ask to see their tenancy agreement and compare it with your own. If they can’t find it, you can ask their landlord for a copy. Look for any differences, particularly on:


Who can I swap my home with?

You can swap your home with:


Who do I need to get permission from before I swap?

You must get permission from us before you can exchange your home. The person that you want to swap with must get permission from their landlord. You could be evicted if you try to swap your home without our permission 


What information do you share with my new landlord?

If you’re exchanging with someone who isn’t a Wulvern tenant, we will contact the other landlord for you. We swap information on everyone involved, including:


Do you ever refuse mutual exchanges?

We can refuse a mutual exchange. The most common reasons are:


I have already swapped once this year, can I swap again?

We will consider a further exchange within a 12 month period; however you could be liable for the cost of the exchange e.g. electric checks and gas checks.


I've been given conditional consent. What does this mean?

This means that the exchange can go ahead, but you have to deal with any problems that are your responsibility first. This might be rent arrears or repairs.


Things you need to know 

You must have written permission to exchange 

We may refuse your exchange

These are the most common reasons for refusing an exchange:

Check what type of tenancy you will get?

If you have an Assured or Secure ‘lifetime’ tenancy which started before 1 April 2012 your tenancy is protected and you will be offered a new Assured or Secure ‘lifetime’ tenancy even if the other tenant has a fixed-term tenancy.

If you hold a ‘lifetime’ tenancy which started after 1 April 2012 your tenancy is not protected and you will simply swap your tenancy with the fixed-term tenant. This means that you are only entitled to the remaining time left on the tenancy. Once this fixed-term has run out we will review your circumstances and you still need social housing you may be offered a further fixed-term tenancy.

If you are moving to a different landlord please check with them what type of tenancy you will get. Each landlord is different.

Is your rent account in credit?

If you are in rent arrears we may approve the exchange on condition the rent arrears are paid or if you have been served a legal notice we may refuse the exchange.

Inspecting the property

We will inspect your property before approving the exchange. You need to inspect the property you are moving into yourself.  If there are issue which need sorting out make sure they are done before you exchange.

A landlord will only be responsible for the repairs which are set out in the tenancy agreement.  Any decorating, loft or rubbish clearance, overgrown garden, damage etc. will be the responsibility of the incoming tenant. Alongside any alterations identified and agreed at home visits.

Right to buy

If you were previously a council tenant and transferred to Wulvern you may have the Preserved Right to Buy. If you are exchanging with another Wulvern tenant you will retain this right.

If you move to another housing association you will lose this right but you will retain the number of year accrued which being a tenant with Wulvern. If you move to a council property you will continue to have the Right to Buy. 

Do not offer money to exchange

You must not offer to pay anyone to mutually exchange with you. This includes paying off their rent arrears. We may refuse the exchange if this occurs.

Withdrawing the application

Any party has the right to withdraw their mutual exchange application at any time and Wulvern cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or expense incurred.

Rent in advance

We require a minimum of one week’s rent to be paid in advance to be paid before the exchange takes place. We will tell you more about this once we have received your application.


Apply to swap your home